Term Paper Conclusion

“There are two things which I am confident I can do very well: one is an introduction to any literary work, stating what it is to contain, and how it should be executed in the most perfect manner; the other is a conclusion, showing from various causes”

___Samuel Johnson

The most important elements of a term paper are introduction and conclusion. The concluding text consists of 5-6 captivating lines that convey the final impression of the entire paper. Conclusions are, no doubt, difficult to write, however, a well-phrased term paper conclusion lefts an ever-lasting impact on the examiner’s mind, assuring you good grades in your semester.

A well-articulated conclusion serves a number of purposes. It provides a chance to recapitulate the presented thoughts and ideas into an effective précis. Moreover, it presents intellectual nourishment to the readers.

Strategies for writing an effective conclusion vary with the kind of term paper to be composed. Customarily a term paper conclusion may consist of a concise summary of the key-points, an interesting quotation, a stimulating question, certain suggestions or proposals or a call for action.

A term paper conclusion is usually composed by synthesizing the complete text instead of summarizing it which means the usage of new words and vocabulary, though related to the topic of interest.

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