What is an Essay

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The word essay is derived from the French word “essayer” which means to try or to attempt. An essay is a piece of writing, usually from an author’s personal point of view. They are often non fiction where presentation is usually based on facts or they can be subjective, in the view of the language, perception or arguments. Also, they can refer to social circumstances demonstrating ones perception and experiences as well as the interpretations of the world.

The definition of an essay can not be clearly expressed because of its overlapping with the article. The article is found to be a small summarized section of the big story. The essay also fits the same definition and this makes it hard to distinguish the essay from articles. Nowadays, almost all the essays are mostly written in prose, distinguishing them from the style of everyday speech and the poetry that gives a vast variety of rhythm.

Essays are of different type describing the different sections of the vast array of communication facets. It can be persuasive where the aim is to agree with an opinion. It is usually written to grab the reader’s attention. It can be narrative, where the course of events is described. Also, there can be argumentative essays, descriptive essays as well as reflective essays that deal with habits, ambition or social political subjects. Also there are non-literary essays that include visual arts, music, photography and films.