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Nowadays, using the World Wide Web has revolutionized the world. People spend many hours doing research either by traveling the world or by doing hours of research in the library looking for answers. By using this software you can access many topics related to all fields and can get vast information about everything whether its international or national, only by sitting on your computer and with a few clicks you can access any information you wish for.

The World Wide Web comprises a vast collection of documents which are stored in computers all over the world. In fact it is one of the most terrific resources in providing knowledge. It provides access to hundreds of websites and provides tons of knowledgeable material. It is easy to use-just by posting the web site link, you gain access to the relevant topic. Websites cover a wide variety of topics and interests including health, entertainment, news, and sports. These sites provide information where learners can learn and build skills in their field by gaining knowledge.

The use of the World Wide Web is gaining momentum in teaching, giving instruction or training the staff. It can be known as a virtual teacher, since it provides information to the absent student and give much more knowledge about what the student wants, teachers can delivered their instruction and teaching material via web that helps in saving time and a number of students can gain access and learn all at the same time.